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Translation Areas


Clinical trials documentation 

o        ICF-PIS, clinical protocol
o        Correspondence with Ethics Committees,  ANSM, CNIL, CNOM
o        Protocol agreements, financial agreements and grids
o        Case safety Reports
o        Back translation

Drug leaflets

Medical and Pharmaceutical Market Research
Medical Transcription/Translation.

Medical (general)
Medical reports, patients' charts, diagnoses, discharge papers, doctors' reports, insurance reports, medical protocols, medical brochures and newsletters.
Specialties: oncology, neurology, psychiatry.


Specialty: aesthetic technologies. 

Legal translation
 Specialty: business documents and contracts in the private and public sector.

Website translation
Specialty: high tech, real-estate, tourism.

Marketing Material
Specialty: high tech, hospitals, associations, educational institutions.

Specialty: Torah and Science, Youth Fiction. 

Media Translation for Voice Over and Dubbing
News items, interviews, promos, TV reports.

My Customers

Among my clients:
Major translation agencies specialized in clinical trial documentation in the UK and in Israel.
Major translation agencies specialized in medical/pharmaceutical market research in the UK.
Major medical centers in Israel.
High tech companies.
Associations operating in the medical and health field.
Academic institutions.
Real estate groups.
Media recording studios.
Websites builders.
Book and article authors.
Lecturers in the medical and health field.

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